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About Us

HMC Construction Group, LLC offers complete construction & facilities services to clients throughout the Southeast. HMC is owned and operated by Daniel Norris who is a licensed general contractor and has more than 15 years of general construction experience.

Founded in 2018, HMC can leverage the lasting relationships Daniel has developed with subcontractors and suppliers throughout the Southeast to efficiently serve clients on an on-going basis, and especially during immediate-need situations.

HMC holds the following licenses:

  • Georgia General Contractor

    Georgia Electrical Contractor

    Florida General Contractor

    Florida Plumbing Contractor

    Florida Mechanical Contractor

    South Carolina General Contractor

    South Carolina Electrical Contractor

  • North Carolina General Contractor

    North Carolina Electrical Contractor

    Tennessee General Contractor

    Tennessee Electrical Contractor

    Alabama General Contractor

    Alabama Electrical Contractor

What Our Clients Say

“The job site work went smoothly so I wanted thank you and brag on your crew.  It’s been nice working along side a crew that’s friendly and works as a team with a common goal to get the job done.  We’re not use to that type of cooperation.  We look forward to working together on future projects soon.”

RCI, Inc

“Grateful for HMC and everything they have done to help this year, we accomplished so many successful projects. They are a great friend and great at what they do.”

Chick-fil-A Operator

“The best work I’ve ever seen at Chick-fil-A!! Thank you so much as this genuinely solves a problem for my team. The communication was perfect. The cleanup was perfect and the job is perfect. Thank you!”

Chick-fil-A Operator

“Once more HMC has rocked it! Thank you for your professional work and quality! I’m so grateful to be in a partnership with HMC in this this business. Thank you! Great work!”

Chick-fil-A Operator

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